Toto Apricot MPee 3 Player

26 January 2007 No Comment admin

Toto MP3 playing toilet
MediaMentalism is all about gadgets that let you play your media wherever you are, moving content seamlessly(ish!) from device to device.

So what better gadget to demonstrate this than the Toto Apricot F5A toilet, which comes with not just an MP3 player, but also an SD card slot, letting you take your media with you wherever (and whenever!) you go!

I’m used to talking tech specs, but not quite like this! Apparently the F5A comes with:

  • MP3 player
  • SD card slot
  • stain-resistant ring (who doesn’t need one of these?!)
  • built-in fragrance
  • bidet feature with adjustable temperature and pressure

Odd…very very odd!

Available in Japan, unsurprisingly, for the hair-raising sum of $1890!

[Source: GearFuse]

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