Onkyo BR-NX10 Stereo with Ethernet

9 February 2007 No Comment Mike Evans

Onkyo BR-NX10 stereo
The new Onkyo BR-NX10 Stereo comes with one input not normally found on your average home HiFi: an Ethernet port! Use it to plug the BR-NX10 into your home network, and download tunes from Sony’s AnyMusic music store. You can save them on the stereo’s own internal 80GB hard drive, or else rip your CDs to the drive or transfer tunes from your MP3 player or USB-key.

This is a neat solution for managing you tunes, as it means you can do without the noise and inconvenience of a PC. However, it does tie you into Sony’s download service, which is a show-stopper for me. Never did like being tied into any one particular service. It’s bad enough when an MP3 player, such as Apple’s iPod, tries to do it, but when it’s your $780 home stereo, I expect a little flexibility!

The Onkyo BR-NX10 release date is Mid-March, currently scheduled for Japan only, unfortunately.

[Source: Electronista]


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