Sharp AQUOS Media recorder with 1 Terabyte Hard Disk

19 February 2007 One Comment Mike Evans

Sharp AQUOS DV-AC60 media recorder
Sharp have announced five new AQUOS media recorders, one of which, the Sharp DV-AC60, comes fully loaded with 1TB’s worth of storage. The media recorders come with DVD player, hard disk and up to 3 TV tuners (two digital, one analogue), plus Sharp’s innovative new IrSS (IrSimpleShot) technology, which lets you transfer pictures directly from a mobile phone or camera via an infra-red port.

More details and pictures of Sharp’s new AQUOS media recorders after the jump.
Sharp AQUOS media recorders
You might think that 1TB is overkill for recording TV programmes, but not when you’re recording HD programmes. HD, by its very nature, requires a huge amount of data for all that detail, you obviously need a huge amount of storage if you’re going to be recording HD TV. With 1TB on tap, the DV-AC60 can store up to 127 hours of HD TV, which should be more than enough.
Shapr DV-AC60 media recorder

As well as the DV-AC60, Sharp also announced the DV-ACW55, with only 500GB of storage; the DV-ACW52, with 250GB; and DV-AC55 and DV-AC52, which come with 500Gb and 250GB respectively, b ut only one TV tuner.

Sharp’s new media recorders apparently provide stunning results, which is what you want if you’re recording HD TV, but it’s the IrSS system that intrigues me. No indication how many devices are compatible with it, but if it works with any standard InfraRed device, then any phone or Infra-Red-equipped camera should do.

Simply point the device at the media recorder, select your picture and press ‘Send’, and the picture will be beamed directly onto your TV via the media recorder. You can even record the pictures directly onto the media recorder’s hard disk or burn it onto DVD.

This is a great way of viewing your pics, and much easier than the current fiddly way that involves all manner of wires or even conversion via your PC. Showing off your pics to your mates or family can be a royal pain at the moment, as it relies on your camera or phone being able to connect to their TV, which must have the appropriate ports, and which are usually tucked away at the back of the TV.

Let’s hope this technology catches on and other manufacturers follow suit soon.

Just for good measure, the Sharp media recorders also offer DMI, Japanese D4, S-Video, composite video outputs, 2x analog, 1x optical, and 1x coaxial audio outputs, USB ports and Firewire ports.

The Sharp DV-AC60 is expected to retail for 1,270 Euros, with the other media players retailing for correspondingly less.

[Source: Akihabara News]


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