Beam camera-phone pics onto your HDTV with the Sharp HN-IR1

25 February 2007 No Comment Mike Evans

Sharp HN-IR1 wireless camera phone adaptor
Fed up with your pics being locked in your cameraphone, with no easy way of showing them to friends and family? Then buy the Sharp HN-IR1, which enables pics in an IrSS-equipped mobile phone to be beamed directly to an HDTV via the HN-IR1’s high speed IrSS infra-red port.

The HN-IR1 is a nifty device that can display your pics at a resolution of 1,920 x 1080, and even downscale the resolution if it’s not plugged into an HDTV. Transfer speed is a nippy 4Mbps, which although being no match for Wi-Fi, is still fast enough for transferring camera-phone images.

If you want to export your pics more permanently, you can hook the HN-IR1 up to a DVD recorder and burn your pics directly onto DVD, which is a nice option.

Of course, there always downsides, and the HN-IR1 has one or two. Firstly, if you’re going to use it to show off your pics to your mates, then you either have to hope they’ve got one plugged into their TV, or else invite them round to your house. Secondly, it’s currently only compatible with Japanese phones (including most of NTT DoCoMo’s current range). And thirdly, it’s currently only available in Japan. Bummer!

Still, it’s cheaper than buying one of Sharp’s AQUOS media recorders, which do much the same thing (and an awful lot more), but for a much heftier price tag.

[Source: Akihabara News, Engadget]


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