Print your TV programmes with Samsung's new Cannes HDTV

28 February 2007 No Comment Mike Evans

Samsung Cannes PDP HDTV
Samsung have released a new range of huge HDTVs with an impressive array of features. The models are called the Samsung SPD-42, SPD-50Q92HD, and SPD-63P71FHD, which don’t exactly trip off the tongue! Fortunately, they’re also going under the name “Samsung Cannes PDP TV”, in deference to the Cannes film festival (no, really!).

The TVs, as you’d expect, come with all sorts of techno-gizmos to enhance the TV’s display, including Ultra Daylight Mode, Real Motion Studio Engine and Super Black Panel. More interesting, though, is the addition of Bluetooth to the TVs.

Bluetooth on a TV? Whatever for?! Read on after the jump…

Samsung HDTVs with Bluetooth

Samsung Cannes HDTV again
One of the things you can use Bluetooth for is to listen to the TV through your Bluetooth headset. For years, TVs have had headphone inputs, with the idea being that you can watch the TV without annoying people, or for when there’s too much noise around you to listen comfortably (i.e. when the wife’s nagging!)

In practice, nobody ever used this feature, simply because of the wire that tailed annoyingly between you and your TV. But with Bluetooth, of course, there are no wires, nor any bulky headphones, so you get to listen in convenience and comfort without trailing spaghetti all over the room.Samsung Cannes HDTV with Bluetooth
Another use is playing games through your super-sized HDTV without the game’s music annoying those around you. Video games are great when playing them yourself, but their tunes and general sound affects can be immensely annoying as background music for others. Much better to shove a Bluetooth headset in the ear of the player, and let them enjoy the sound all to themselves.

More interestingly, though, Samsung’s Bluetooth TVs can be used to print whatever’s on the screen onto a Bluetooth-equipped printer. Presumably, you’d want to print off pictures from your camera that were displayed on the TV, rather than stills of TV programmes (unless you really must print off a copy of Ugly Betty for your bedroom wall!)

No mention of whether you can also send images to the TV via Bluetooth, but I see no reason why not. This would mean you could beam your camera or camera-phone pics wirelessly to the TV without any faffing around with cables and adaptors.

Features of the Samsung Cannes HDTVs

Samsung Cannes HDTV with Bluetooth again
The Samsung SPD…whatevers, are Plasma TVs, and all come with Ultra Daylight Mode (for use in bright daylight), Natural True Colors (which provide improved color reproduction), the Real Motion Studio Engine (which gives a clearer image, removing blurred outlines of faces and letters), a Super Black Panel and the Day Light Filter, for, er, use in bright daylight!

They also have a 15000:1 ratio, and support full 1080p, and cost up to 9,000,000KRW ($9,570) for the full HD model. Expensive, but don’t they look glorious!

[Source: Akihabara News,]

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