CeBIT 2007: LinkSys KiSS 1600 media receiver adds DVD player

15 March 2007 No Comment Mike Evans

LinkSys KiSS 1600 WMP media receiver at CeBIT 2007
It’s CeBIT time, and LinkSys have been showing off their new LinkSys KiSS 1600 WMP media receiver (why don’t these media receiver companies give their products some decent names?!). Following hot on the heels of NetGear’s Digital Entertainer HD, the KiSS 1600 is another media receiver that connects to your PC wirelessly, indexes all your media, and then wirelessly streams it to your HDTV.

The thing that distinguises the KiSS 1600, though, is the addition of an upscaling DVD player.

More details of the LinkSys KiSS 1600 WMP media receiver after the jump.

The LinkSys KiSS 1600 comes fully loaded with a plethora of codecs. For video, it supports DVD, WM9 HD, H.264/AVC, MPEG-2, 4, DivX 3.11, 4, 5, Nero Digital and XviD, while for audio it supports WMA, WMA9, AAC, MP3 and Ogg. Like the Digital Entertainer HD, it also comes with a USB slot for pulling in content from a USB stick or MP3 player.

These media receivers are becoming more and more popular, but hte manufacturers don’t seem to have yet figured out exactly what combination of gizmos we want them to come with. The Digital Entertainer, for example, is fully loaded with all the medi support you culd wish for, and connectivity options coming out of its ears, enabling it to connect to virtually any TV or audio set up you might have. But it doens’t have a DVD player, which the KiSS 1600 clearly does.

The question you have to ask yoursewlf, though, is do you need one? Most people already have a DVD player, so in some ways it’s simply redundant technology. However, it’s controllable via the same remote control used to command the KiSS 1600’s media streaming abilities, meaning you only one remote control for media streaming and DVD playback.

If reducing the number of remote controls appeals to you, then the LinkSys KiSS 1600 might be for you. If not, price becomes the over-riding factor, and at £265 (approx. $500), the KiSS 1600 is some £50 more than the Digital Entertainer. You pays your money, as they say!

[Source: Gizmodo]

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