Pegasus Cynalynx Media Streamer from Barbados

16 March 2007 No Comment Mike Evans

Pegasus Cynalynx media receiver

The Pegasus Cynalynx (now that’s what I call a name!) is a new media receiver that wirelessly streams all your music, pics and films from your PC onto your HDTV. So far, so like every other media receiver. The Pegasus Cynalynx has two tricks up its sleeve, though.

Firstly, it can stream content directly from a DVD in your PC’s DVD player. No other media streamer currently on the market can do this (all the others stream your films direct from the PC’s hard disk). Secondly, it’s made in Barbados…which isn’t really a feature, but certainly makes the Cynalynx just that little bit different from its competitors!

Pegasus Cynalynx media streamer
Although not exactly the most attractive media receiver (but then, none of them were exactly blessed with good looks!), the Cynalynx will stream virtually anything from your PC onto your TV – even commercial DVDs, and in real-time to boot. Naturally it’s also got a USB port should you want to plug your MP3 player into it.

The Cynalynx supports a plethora of media formats, including DVD, VCD, AVI, WAV, MPEG, WMV, WMA and MP3, and is completely plug and play, requiring no drivers in order to operate.

No DVD player, unlike the LinkSys KiSS 1600, but then, with the ability to play DVDs direct from your PC, you don’t need one. The Cynalynx costs $399.99, so is cheaper than the LinkSys too.

Oh, and the Barbado connection? Pegasus nearly went bust getting this beauty out of the door, so refinanced themselves and decamped to Barbados, where production costs are cheaper.

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