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20 March 2007 No Comment Mike Evans

Zune FM transmitter for Microsoft Zune media player

Microsoft’s Zune already has Wi-Fi, but sharing your tunes with it has been hobbled due to its Digital Wrongs Rights software.

Despite Microsoft banging on about sharing your tunes and videos with your mates, the reality is that you can transfer the file to your mates easily, but they can only play it 3 times. After that they have to buy it if they want to listen to it or watch it again.

This piece of DRM-inspired nastiness renders the entire concept of peer-to-peer tunes sharing with the Zune pointless.

But fear not, there is another way to stream your tunes to your neighbour’s Zune: good old FM radio.

The Zune comes pre-loaded with an FM radio receiver. So all you need to do to share your tunes via FM is to provide the Zune with an FM transmitter, tune the other Zune into the same frequency you’re using, and bingo – instant tune sharing on your Zune!

And that, unsurprisingly, is exactly what the Zune FM transmitter does. Unfortunately, that’s all the info I have on the device as well, but expect it in the stores very soon (and a billion competing products, too).

[Source: Zunerama]


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