Is the Sony Giga Juke 80GB Wi-Fi Hi-Fi the perfect Micro System?

28 March 2007 No Comment Mike Evans

Sony Giga Juke NAS-50HDE Hi-Fi and Sony Giga Juke NAC HD1E Hi-Fi
Sony have announced the new Sony Giga Juke Hi-Fi (or the Sony NAS-50HDE, to give its rather less exciting name!). The Giga Juke is a new micro system from Sony that seems to have plundered a PC’s innards. Not only does it come with an 80GB hard drive for storing your tunes, it also comes with USB, Wi-Fi adaptor, and a 4.3″ colour screen.

This might just be the perfect Micro System for the MP3 enthusiast (i.e. anyone who’s ever downloaded an MP3 tune!). You can plug your MP3 player into it via its USB port; rip your CDs onto its hard drive; or transfer your MP3 files between the Giga Juke and your PC over Wi-Fi (no news yet on media streaming, buit you’ll at least be able to transfer files between the Giga Juke and your PC this way).

More details on the Sony Giga Juke NAS-50HDE Micro System after the jump.

Sony Giga Juke Micro System

The Sony Giga Juke also comes with a DAB radio, thus rounding off its features nicely, and you can record programmes onto the hard drive, or subsequently transfer your recording over to your MP3 player or PC.

This gives the Giga Juke exactly the right combination of features that I, and probably most other people, have been looking for in a Micro System. Back in the day (many many years ago!), I used to record radio shows late at night onto something called a “cassette tape”, which I’d then play in my car’s “cassette-radio” on the commute to work (I now sound like I’m 100 years old!).

But a few things have changed to stop me doing this. Firstly, my car hasn’t had a cassette-radio for some years now, and instead comes with a CD player; secondly, most of my tunes are now in MP3 format, and are either stuck in my PC or on my MP3 player (which naturally doesn’t interface with the car’s stereo). And thirdly, the radio that I’ve got is so old, it simply wouldn’t recognize my MP3 player or my PC.

So even if it was a DAB radio, I still couldn’t record programmes and transfer them to my PC for subsequent burning onto CD for playback in my car.

So as the age of MP3 has dawned, my ability to play my music where I want to hear it has diminished. Sure, I could have bought several gadgets to alleviate this problem some years ago. But I don’t want several gadgets: I just want the one, and the Sony Giga Juke could be just the Hi-Fi I’m looking for.

With the Giga Juke, you can record your DAB radio programme onto its hard-disk, transfer it over to your PC via Hi-Fi, then burn it onto CD for playback in the car. If you want to listen to it on your MP3 player, simply plug the MP3 player into its USB port, and copy the DAB programme’s MP3 file onto the MP3 player.


The Sony Giga Juke even looks good too, and its 4.3″ colour screen should make organizing your music a snip. Even better, the Giga Juke will intelligently auto-generate playlists based on artists, genres, or even the music’s tempo.
Sony Giga Juke NAC HD1E Hi-Fi

Sony Giga Juke NAC-HD1 Separate

There are two options on offer: the Sony Giga Juke NAS-50HDE (main pic, top), which is an 80GB micro system with its own 85W speakers; and the Sony Giga Juke NAC-HD1E (above), which is a great-looking stand-alone separate, with improved 250GB hard drive.

Sony Giga Juke NAS-50HDE Hi-Fi Specification

The specification for the Sony Giga Juke is as follows:

  • Hard Drive Micro System with CD and DAB/AM Tuner
  • S-Master Amplifier (85W x 2 (RMS))
  • HDD 80GB (Stores up to 40000 songs)
  • Up to 16x High Speed CD Ripping to HDD
  • 4.3 inch colour LCD Display
  • Wireless LAN Adapter / Dongle Ready
  • Recording Formats: Linear PCM / ATRAC / MP3
  • Auto Title Labelling by pre-installed and CDDB via Internet

Sony Giga Juke price is expected to be around 420 pounds, while the Sony Giga Juke release date is expected to be late May/early June 2007. Both models will be released throughout Europe, but no news yet of a US release.

[Source: Electronista, Atlantic 2 U]

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