Motorola T605: a wireless media streamer for your car

30 March 2007 No Comment Mike Evans

Motorola T605 in car media streamer
Motorola announced the Motorola T605 Automotive Music & Hands-free System at CTIA 2007 this week. The T605 is, as its name suggests, an automotive music and hands-free system for mobile phones. Put another way, it lets you stream music from your mobile phone over Bluetooth onto your car stereo, while also acting as a hands-free kit for your mobile phone.

More details of the Motorola T605 after the jump.

Just as getting music from your PC to your Hi-Fi has been a problem of the MP3 age, so too has getting music from your MP3 player or mobile to play on your car stereo. This all used to be done with cassettes, of course, and more recently by burning CDs, but MP3 players have been a different matter.

It’s only recently that newer car stereos have come with inputs for plugging your MP3 player into, but even then you’re left with wires dangling in your car, which is annoying. Streaming music wirelessly in a car makes even more sense than it does in the home, so gadgets like the T605 are a welcome innovation.

Of course, you could always use an FM transmitter, which you plug your MP3 player into, and then tune your radio into the frequency broadcast by the transmitter, but these are often unreliable, and you’ll find yourself constantly having to retune the radio and transmitter to a different frequency as the sound of the friendly neighbourhood pirate radio station (or taxi rank!) suddenly comes blaring over your stereo.

The T605, though, solves all these problems, as it uses Bluetooth, which is both wireless and impervious to the dulcit sounds of Reg the Cabbie’s calls back to base.

Better still is the way it interacts with your mobile phone. If you receive a call while listening to your music, the T605 will pause the music, let you take the call (hands-free, of course), then resume the music when you hang up.

Even more impressively, the T605 comes with digital signal processing for noise and echo reduction and enhanced technology that lets the volume increase as background noise increases.

Sounds great, but there are one or two downsides. Firstly, it’s only available for Verizon users ($149.99), and second, you need to have the T605 professionally installed. Almost a useful Motorola product, then, but only for some people!

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