Sony TDM-NC1 Wi-Fi music streaming brick

30 March 2007 One Comment Mike Evans

Sony TDM-NC1 music streamer for Bravia home theatre systems
Sony have been showing off their new Sony TDM-NC1 music streamer. Shaped like a sleek black brick, the TDM-NC1 performs a similar function to the Squeezebox: it streams your tunes from your PC to your home theatre system wirelessly.

The TDM-NC1 has the added advantage of not only looking super-cool, but bledning in perfectly with Sony’s Bravia range of home theatre equipment, because it’s been designed as an accessory for that system. However, its close integration with the Bravia system is also its achilles heel, rendering the TDM-NC1 perfectly useless for the vast majority of us.

More details on the Sony TDM-NC1 music streamer after the jump.

Sony TDM-NC1 music streamer

Sony TDM-NC1 music streamer for Bravia home theatre systems
The TDM-NC1 is just one a range of new Sony A/V receivers designed to interconnect their Bravia home theatre systems with a variety of other devices. As well as the Wi-Fi streaming TDM-NC1, there’s also the TDM-IP1 iPod dock (below) and TDM-BT1 Bluetooth audio adaptor, which let you play music through your Bravia from your iPod and bluetooth phone, respectively.
Sony TDM-IP1 iPod dock for Bravia home theatre systems

Although great-looking devices, though, they all share one gigantic weakness: Sony’s love of proprietary interconnects. All of these devices will only connect to a Sony Bravia home theatre system, through Sony’s proprietary Digital Media Port. So you can stream your music to these devices, but the only way you’ll be able to hear it is if you’ve got a Bravia system to connect your device to.

This is great news for music streaming makers, such as Squeezebox-maker Slim Devices, as these devices compete with none of them, and no-one, I’m guessing, wants Sony as a competitor. But it’s a bit annoying for the rest of us, who’d actually quite like a Sony music streaming device to connect to their existing home theatre system (or even just their Hi-Fi), but would rather spend £140 on just the music streamer, rather than shelling out for an entire Bravia system.

Sony’s always had this “made in Sony-land” mindset, though, where only Sony gadgets can use Sony accessories (Sony Ericsson mobile phones use Sony’s own Memory Stick flash memory, for example, rather than generic SD or MMC cards). Looks like they’re not about to change any time soon.

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