Ferrari Wi-Fi speakers cost more than a car

2 April 2007 No Comment Mike Evans

Ferarri Wi-Fi speakers, wireless speakers for Hi-Fi
Speakers with built-in Wi-Fi are fairly thin on the ground at the moment, and if the latest speakers from David Weiner Ventures are anything to go by, it’s not surprising – they cost $20,000! To be fair, the speakers are extremely high-end (and high, being 47 inches tall), and are part of a joint venture with none other than Ferrari, who obviously feel an extra three zeroes are a necessity with anything it puts its name to.

Style, height, the Ferrari name, sound quality, and Wi-Fi – what more could you want for $20,000? Well, a an actual Ferrari would help! Certainly I’d want more than some tall speakers for that kind of money!

[Source: TechEBlog]

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