Kyocera Blutooth Music Gateway connects mobile phones to Hi-Fis

4 April 2007 No Comment Mike Evans

Kyocera Bluetooth Music Gateway
Kyocera have released the Kyocera Bluetooth Music Gateway, a novel media streamer that wirelessly connects your mobile phone to your Hi-Fi via Bluetooth. The Kyocera Music Gateway connects to your Hi-Fi via a standard RCA connector, and can peer with your mobile phone using Bluetooth. Using the Bluetooth A2DP standard, you can then stream your music from your phone directly to your Hi-Fi.

As well as streaming music from your Bluetooth phone to your Hi-Fi, the Kyocera Bluetooth Music Gateway also works the other way, streaming music form your H-Fi to a Bluetooth headset. The beauty of this arrangement is that only the headset wearer can hear the music (just like standard headphones), but they’re completely untethered, enabling the wearer to wander freely around the house and still hear their tunes.

And if it’s music on your non-Bluetooth MP3 player you’d rather listen to, you can simply plug it into the Music Gateway via its 3.5mm input, and still have the tunes streamed wirelessly to you via Bluetooth.

The Kyocera Music Gateway is a neat solution for connecting your Hi-Fi and MP3 player or mobile phone together. Better still, it’s both cheap and small – it’s just 87mm x 74mm x 20mm in size, and costs $79.99.

[Source: SlashPhone]

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