Panansonic D-Dock Bluetooth Hi-Fis

9 April 2007 No Comment Mike Evans

Panasonic D-Dock Hi-Fi: Panasonic SC-PM770SD and Panasonic PM770SD Hi-Fi
Panasonic have announced the Panasonic D-Dock Hi-Fis, which integrate tightly with Panasonic’s D-Snap MP3 players, and which also have Bluetooth built-in, so you can stream your tunes through the Hi-Fis using a suitably-equipped MP3 player or mobile phone.

More details and pictures of the Panasonic D-Dock Bluetooth Hi-Fis after the jump.

There are two D-Docks on offer: the Panasonic SC-PM770SD (top), which features a 5 slot CD changer, MD/SD player, AM/FM tuner and is CDDB 5gracenote compatible; and the Panasonic PM770SD (below), which comes with the same set of features as the SC-PM770SD, but with only a 1-slot CD player. Both come with Bluetooth.
Panasonic D-Dock PM770SD Bluetooth Hi-Fi
The Hi-Fis are called the D-Dock because you can dock your D-Snap MP3 players into them. They both look great, and although there’s currently no word on how good they sound, their use of Bluetooth certainly makes them useful for people with Walkman phones, while for D-Snap owners, they’re a must.Panasonic D-Dock Bluetooth Hi-fi

[Source: Akihabara News]


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