HDTV Info – an HDTV Buyer's Guide

30 April 2007 No Comment Mike Evans

HDTV Info - how to choose an HDTV
Before you even think of buying an HDTV, you need all the HDTV info you can get your hands on. From the different HDTV resolutions to the HDTV source you choose, from your DVD player even to the HDTV connections you choose, all can make a difference to the quality of the picture you see on on your shiny (and expensive!) new telly.

Buying a TV used to be such a simple affair, but not with HDTV. The options that are available to you have made the choice baffling, and getting it wrong can be an expensive mistake.

To help you choose, we’ve compiled this HDTV buyer’s guide, which should help you navigate through what has become a complex and tech-heavy subject.

  1. 1). HDTV Formats and Resolutions
  2. 2). HDTV Connections – from HDMI to Composite Video
  3. 3). HDTV Sources – Hi-Def DVD players, Games Consoles, Cable and Internet
  4. 4). HDTV Aspect Ratios
  5. 5). HDTV Plasma TVs vs HDTV LCD TV – which is best?
  6. 6). HDTV Info Summary

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