Cowon Q5 – a PMP with Wi-Fi, HSDPA and GPS

7 May 2007 No Comment Mike Evans

Cowon Q5 personal media player
Cowon have announced the Cowon Q5 Personal Media Player.

The Q5 looks like your average PMP – slim design, huge screen, perfect for watching video on to stop yourself being bored on long trips (oh how I needed this on my recent 20-hour flight to Las Vegas!)

What makes the Q5 special, though is its huge range of connectivity options. In fact, it comes with so many different ways to connect with the outside world, it’s got more connectivity features than your average mobile phone.

More details of the Cowon Q5 PMP after the jump.

So what kind of connectivity are we talking about? Well, how does Wi-Fi and Bluetooth sound? That should get you started by hooking into your PC and mobile phone’s media offerings. Still not enough? How about HSPDA, the super-fast state-of-the-art mobile phone technology that’s also known as 3.5g? With HSDPA, you can download videos and music over your mobile network at 3.5Mbps.

As if all that juicy connectivity wasn’t enough, the Cowon Q5 also comes with GPS functionality built-in, making the Q5 a fully functional Sat-Nav unit. And if you’re still not satisfied, you can always watch TV, as it comes with a built-in digital TV receiver.

Finally, Cowon have also added the ability to view Microsoft Word documents, presumably just because they can. The Q5 runs on Windows CE 5.0, so opening and viewing Office documents is a breeze.

Did I forget to mention the Q5’s hard drive? Yup, it comes with a 40GB or 60GB hard drive too, depending on the model you choose.

With all these features on board, the Cowon Q5 is one of the best-specced PMPs around, and should be enough for all your mobile media needs. Indeed, if it had the ability to make and receive calls, it’d shame many a mobile phone.

The 40GB model will cost £250, while the 60GB model will cost £275. At those prices, the Cowon Q5 has to be on the top of your list if you’re looking for the perfect PMP.

[Source: Crave]


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