Pioneer BDP-LX70 Blu-Ray player with DLNA

10 May 2007 No Comment Mike Evans

Pioneer BDP-LX70 Blu-Ray player
Pioneer have announced the pioneer BDP-LX70 Blu-Ray player. Apart from looking simply glorious and obviously offering excellent playback, the BDP-LX70 has one other trick up it’s sleeve – it’s DLNA-compliant, meaning it can stream all manner of media direct form your PC, including MPEG2 and WMV videos, and MP3 tunes.

More details of the Pioneer BDP-LX70 Blu-Ray player after the jump.

The BDP-LX70 doesn’t just content itself with playing Blu-Ray discs, though. It offers full 1080p support and features what’s known as 24p, which means it supports playback at a full 24 frames per second, which is the same rate at which the film being played was originally shot.

Pioneer BDP-LX70 and 24p

You may think that offering this as a feature is a little unnecessary, as surely all players playback their films at the same rate they were shot? But no – it’s a little-known fact that for HD players (of both types), the actual frame rate sent to the TV has to be speeded up in order for the TV to process the signal correctly.

The UK’s PAL format, for example, specifies a rate of 50 frames per second, so PAL-based TVs expect this rate from anything plugged into them. The only way to send a film shot at 24 frames per second to a TV expecting 50 without doubling the speed of the image is to send two identical frames instead of one, thereby increasing the frame rate to 48 frames per second without making everyone look like the Keystone Kops.

The more observant amongst you may have noticed that 48 frames per second still isn’t 50, and so what you’re left with is a 4% speed-up of the resultant image. This isn’t enough for the eye to notice (unless you’re an officianado), but it can make the audio sound a little odd, which also has to be speeded up by 4%.

None of this is a problem with the BDP-LX70, though, as through complicated trickery, it supports the complete 24 frames per second of the original source, without the TV or the viewer noticing anything.

Dolby True HD Sound

In addition to a fantastic picture that’s completely unmolested, the BDP-LX70 also supports Dolby True HD, which compresses sound without any loss whatsoever. The result is a film that’s not only shown as the director intended, but which also sounds as he intended it, too.

Pioneer BDP-LX70 Summary

With full 1080p/24p support, Dolby True HD sound and home network streaming via DLNA, not to mention killer good looks, the Pioneer BDP-LX70 should become one of the best Blu-Ray players on the market. The only down-side is its price – at £1,000, it’s for serious film-buffs only.

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