Pinnacle launches HDTV card in a USB stick!

13 May 2007 No Comment Mike Evans

Pinnacle Dazzme HD Pro stick - HDTV on a USB stick
Pinnacle have launched a new HDTV card (wittily titled the Pinnacle Dazzle HD Pro Stick) that lets you watch HD TV from your PC. What’s special about Pinnacle’s new card is that all the HD gubbins are squeezed inside a USB stick! You can even record your HDTV programs with it.

It’s not quite plug and go – you still need to install software on your PC in order for the HD stick to work. But still, a complete HDTV receiver inside something as small as a USB stick is quite some feat – even the remote control’s bigger!

It’s being released in South Korea at the moment, and no news yet on whether it’ll be released in any other markets.


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