7.1 Surround Sound on a Mobile Phone

14 May 2007 No Comment Mike Evans

7.1 Surround Sound system on a mobile phone
If you’re into your home theater, then the thought of listening to anything other than full 7.1 surround sound is simply too hideous to bear. If this sounds like you, then even the music that comes from your mobile phone is simply not up to the job.

Fortunately, an enterprising mobile phone company from China has released the very gadget for you – a mobile phone/PDA based on Windows Mobile that comes complete with 7.1 surround sound speaker system – and yes, all seven speakers are there, all squashed together on the back of the handset!

More pictures and details after the jump.
7.1 surround sound system on a mobile phone
I can only imagine what this sounds like, given that the whole point of surround sound is to, well, surround you with sound, whereas the speakers on this device aren’t even pointing in your direction when you watch your movie! Still, if it simply has to be surround sound, then these are the lengths you’ll have to go!
More pics of 7.1 surround sound on a mobile phone
Even more pics of the surround sound phone

[Source: PhoneDaily]

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