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Sep 17, 2007

Vudu, the Blu-Ray killer

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Vudu media streamer set top box

The great Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD battle may about to be relegated to a meaningless squabble as a new streaming technology threatens to render the whole concept of watching movies on a disc as antiquated as recording them onto a magnetic tape. The technology in question comes in the form of the new Vudu, a set […]

Sep 17, 2007

Proof the iPod Touch is a phoneless iPhone

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Apple iPodn Touch showing iPhone error message

Proof, if proof were needed that the iPod touch is simply an iPhone without the phone comes in the form of this interesting screenshot, which shows the iPhone’s error message when the wrong password is entered to open it. Problem is, the screenshot shows the iPhone’s error message on an iPod Touch! Apparently the Touch […]

Sep 13, 2007

Polk an iPod with the Polk Audio I-Sonic Entertainment System 2

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Polk Audio I-Sonic Home Entertainment System 2

Polk Audio have announced the Polk Audio I-Sonic Entertainment System 2, a somewhat odd-looking audiophile-grade HD radio and iPod docking port. The I-Sonic can pump out 360-degree sound from four speakers, and comes complete with an iPod dock hidden on the top. More impressively, you can buy the music you hear on the radio from […]

Sep 13, 2007

Connect your TV to your, er, washing machine!

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Various standards have been created over the years to enable different gadgets to talk to each other. UPnP immediately springs to mind, as does DLNA, Bluetooth and even good old infra-red. These technologies enable data to be transferred between mobile phone and PC, for example, or MP3 player and Hi-Fi, with tunes, video an dother […]

Sep 13, 2007

Sony unveils Blu-Ray players with half a terabyte hard drive

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Sony Blu-ray players

Sony has unveiled four new Blu-ray players, with the top of the range model (the Sony BDZ-X90) coming with a huge 500GB hard drive, which should see you right for 160 hours of HD recording. The other models (Sony BDZ-L70, BDZ-T70 and BDZ-T50) come with 320GB, 320GB and 50GB hard drives respectively. All four Blu-ray […]

Sep 11, 2007

Video of Sony Rolly dancing MP3 player in action

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Sony Rolly MP3 player

I talked yesterday about the amazing new Sony Rolly MP3 player, which is shaped like an egg and dances around in time to the music. Talking is one thing, though – what you need is a video of the thing in action! And lo and behold, look what I found – a video of the […]

Sep 11, 2007

New Sony Giga-Juke turns violent pink

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Sony Giga-Juke NAS-D55HD in pink

I love the Sony Giga-Juke networked Hi-Fi. It’s the perfect stereo for the MP3 age, with 80GB hard disk, DAB radio, USB, and Wi-Fi adaptor for streaming your MP3 tunes from your PC directly onto the Giga Juke’s hard drive. Sony must also love the Giga-Juke, as they’ve just released three new models, one of […]

Sep 10, 2007

New Creative Zen could really challenge the Nano

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Creative Zen MP3 and video player

Whereas the Archos 105 is a poor attempt at threatening the new iPod Nano, the new Creative Zen has a much better chance. It’s much better equipped than the Archos 105, and looks a lot better as well. Better still, it’s cheap, at only £100 for the entry-level model. More details and pictures of the […]

Sep 10, 2007

Archos 105 takes on Nano

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Archos 105 music and video player

In a vain attempt to take on the somewhat portly new iPod Nano, Archos has announced the Archos 105 music and video palyer. The 105 isn’t exactly fully-featured, coming with only 2GB of storage and a 1.8 inch OLED screen, and only the ability to play WMV-formatted videos. However, it can play MP3, WMA, WMA […]

Sep 10, 2007

The Mad Sony Rolly – an MP3 player in an egg

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Sony Rolly MP3 player

Sony have announced what could be the world’s most bonkers MP3 player. The Sony Rolly (or the SEP-10BT to give its less-inspired formal name) is shaped like an egg, and you control its functions by either twisting it or rolling it. Even more impressively, the Rolly can actually dance in time to the music, spinning […]