PlusDeckEX converts cassettes to MP3

6 September 2007 No Comment Mike Evans

BTO PlusDecEX cassette to MP3 converter
Readers below the age of, say, 20, may have heard of ancient technology known as the cassette tape. These were crude, unreliable strings of tape onto which you could record music. Nothing digital, just pure analogue technology, which sold by the bucket load in the days when numbers greater than 1 were actually used.

BTO clearly remember those days, and must also have a huge music collection on their cassettes, as they’ve just released the PlusDeckEX, a cool-looking device that plays cassettes, rips their tunes, and then encodes them into MP3 format via your PC.

The number of buttons on the PlusDeckEX certainly gives it that retro feel, although big clunky plastic ones would have been even more realistic! However, the PlusDeckEX has a genuine use, as cassettes were around for years before being superseded by much superior technology (frankly, any recording technology was superior in terms of sound quality!).

As such, some people really will have loads of tunes on cassette, with no ready way to play them any more. The PlusDeckEX really does fill a useful niche, therefore, and could also represent the last opportunity you’ll get to copy your cassette-based tunes onto your PC, as I really can’t see a demand for this gadget in a few more years’ time.

In addition to being able to copy the tunes onto your PC via a USB port, the PlusDeckEX also features a 3.5mm headphone and line-in jack, and also a record feature, letting you record sounds (such as your voice) onto cassette, just like good old fashioned cassette players used to.

Of course, why you’d want to persist with an outdated medium is another matter, but at least you can if you’re that resistant to change (mind you, crude they may have been, but at least cassettes had no issues with DRM!).

The PlusDeckEX also comes with AM/FM tuner, and should be available real soon.

[Source: AkihabaraNews]


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