Apple iPod Classic pushes the MP3 limit

7 September 2007 No Comment Mike Evans

Apple iPod Classic
As well as the Apple iPod Touch, Apple also announced an updated version of its iPod Classic. The new iPods get bigger hard drives, with a choice of 80GB or 160GB models, which apparently is good for 40,000 tunes.

40,000 tunes?! Have we reached the limit of what’s sensible in terms of MP3 player storage space? Ignoring the cost of buying 40,000 tunes on iTunes, it’ll take you 83 days of non-stop playing to get through that lot!

More details of the new Apple iPod Classic after the jump.

The iPod Classic also gets the glorious CoverFlow app, which lets you select your tunes in an intuitive, and it has to be said, extremely attractive way. Unlike the Touch and the iPhone, though, you can’t touch the screen to scroll through your tunes.

What you do get, though, is 40 hours of continuous play and seven hours of video playback.

Both models are out now, priced £159 for the 80GB version and £229 for the 160GB version.

[Source: Gizmodo UK]

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