Philips Streamium WAC3500D – now with added good looks

9 September 2007 2 Comments Mike Evans

Philips Streamium WAC3500D
Philips have announced a new model in their wireless Streamium range. The new Philips Streamium Wireless Music Center WAC3500D (great name!) combines a traditional stereo with wireless downloading and playback of tunes more typical of a PC.

OK, so all Streamium’s do this, but the new WAC3500D differs from its predecessors in that it looks more like a traditional stereo, rather than some odd (and, frankly, rather naff!) ‘design concept’ that older Streamium models look like.

More details and pictures of the Philips Streamium WAC3500D after the jump.
Philips WAC3500D wireless Streamium Hi-Fi showing CD player

So what do you get for your money? Well, obviously the usual music-related features – amp, speakers, CD, radio, etc. You also get a Wi-Fi connection, integrated hard disk, USB connector, and the ability to stream your tunes across your home via other Streamium units (hence the name).

More and more Hi-Fis are adopting the Streamium approach, integrating wireless streaming of tunes, hard disks and the like, enabling you to listen to your MP3 tunes through top-quality Hi-Fi equipment, rather than through a much poorer PC-based speaker.
Philips Streamium WAC3500D wireless Wi-Fi Hi-Fi

The Sony Giga Juke is another unit that does exactly this, and it has to be said, it looks a lot better than previous Streamiums. Whether Philips created the new Streamium WAC3500D in response to Sony’s challenge isn’t known, but whatever the reason, the new Streamium looks like a seriously good Hi-Fi, and so much better than its predecessors.



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