New Sony Giga-Juke turns violent pink

11 September 2007 One Comment Mike Evans

Sony Giga-Juke NAS-D55HD in pink
I love the Sony Giga-Juke networked Hi-Fi. It’s the perfect stereo for the MP3 age, with 80GB hard disk, DAB radio, USB, and Wi-Fi adaptor for streaming your MP3 tunes from your PC directly onto the Giga Juke’s hard drive.

Sony must also love the Giga-Juke, as they’ve just released three new models, one of which might just be the world’s most garish Hi-Fi, as it’s all decked out in violent pink! Fortunately, there are other colours available as well, as you’ll see after the jump.

Sony Giga-Juke hi-fi NAS-D55HD in white

The new Giga-Jukes are offer more on board storage, with up to 250GB on offer, and also offer CD and MD decks (remember those?!) for playing music conventionally. However, they’re a bit weedy when it comes to power output, only offering 26Watts per channel, and there’s no news on whether it has Wi-Fi or not, which in my view, was the original Giga-Juke’s killer app. It does offer network streaming over Ethernet, though.

Sony Giga-Juke stereo in silver

The new Sony Giga-Juke (NAS-D55HD) release date is October 20th (currently in Japan only, but that might change), priced $1055. This seems pricey, given that the original Giga-Juke (the NAS-50HDE) is the same price, but offers Wi-Fi and a whole load more.

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  1. Please can you tell tell me when the Sony Giga Juke in white will be on sale in the UK? I cannot find one anywhere!

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