Connect your TV to your, er, washing machine!

13 September 2007 No Comment Mike Evans

Various standards have been created over the years to enable different gadgets to talk to each other. UPnP immediately springs to mind, as does DLNA, Bluetooth and even good old infra-red. These technologies enable data to be transferred between mobile phone and PC, for example, or MP3 player and Hi-Fi, with tunes, video an dother content all seamlessly being shifted from one device to another.

Seems that’s not enough for the IEC (International Electrotech Comission), though, who’ve created another standard that lets your TV communicate with your, er, washing machine!

Why, you might be thinking, would you want your washing machine to communicate with your TV? Granted both come with a little windo through which you can watch things happen, and some would argue that Big Brother is as interesting as watching the washing machine wash your clothes, but apparently the IEC has other ideas in mind.

They envisage your washing machine sending a message to your TV telling you that it’s finished washing. Right, and this is must-have technology is it?!

In order to work, you must have an IP-based home network, and both TV and washing machine must support the IEC’s new and niftily-titled Home Network Communication Protocol over IP for Multimedia Household Appliances (IEC 62457). If they do, then you too get the chance to have your washing machine tell you its finished ia your TV, rather than the somewhat less-expensive way of simply beeping at you!

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