Proof the iPod Touch is a phoneless iPhone

17 September 2007 No Comment Mike Evans

Apple iPodn Touch showing iPhone error message

Proof, if proof were needed that the iPod touch is simply an iPhone without the phone comes in the form of this interesting screenshot, which shows the iPhone’s error message when the wrong password is entered to open it. Problem is, the screenshot shows the iPhone’s error message on an iPod Touch!

Apparently the Touch also thinks it has a camera as well (see pic after jump), but it doesn’t – just the same user interface as the iPhone, which does.
Apple iPod Touch interface

I’m stumped as to why Apple released the iPod touch in the form they did. The one thing everyone wanted an iPhone for was the gorgeous user interface; and the one thing that stopped them buying one was the phone’s features (or lack of them) and its restrictive network contract.

The iPod Touch gives you the interface without the bother of the phone, thereby making the iPhone redundant in a single stroke. AT&T, O2 and the other networks who’ve quite literally bent over backwards to secure the iPhone must be cursing Apple right now – or they soon will once the Touch starts to erode the iPhone’s market.

[Source: TUAW, via Gizmodo]


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