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25 June 2008 No Comment admin

Apple TV

You bought a nice new Apple TV and when you switch it on you find out it does exactly what it says on the box, but somehow that is not enough… Never fear the industrious hacking community are there to save the day, there are many improvements to be made although many of the hacks are not for the faint of heart. If you are brave enough you could, for example, make your Apple TV run faster, quieter and cooler!

Apple TV SSD hack

Just open up your shiny Apple TV, remove the hard drive, hook it up to a Mac and create a disk image of the drive. Copy the image to a SSD before inserting the drive into the box.

All done but is it really worth it? The amount of money you save in the long run due to lower power consumption will never be able to offset the initial investment as SSDs are still expensive however you will get a quieter, cooler Apple TV which runs slightly faster if you get a fast enough SSD.

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[Source: Apple TV Hacks, tgdaily.]


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