Mitusbishi builds a laser TV, Tomorrow's World is excited

26 June 2008 One Comment Mike Evans

Mitsubishi LaserVue laser TV
Mitsubishi has announced a new range of TVs that sound seriously cool. Called the Mitsubishi LaserVue, the new HDTVs use laser to project the image onto the back of the screen. The resultant picture is apparently much better at rendering blacks and whites than either LCD or plasma, and can project twice the number of colours than either technology can, too.

The result is an image that is much sharper and much more colourful than standard HDTVs, and much bigger too, as laser TV is able to scale to much bigger formats than existing technology. The new LaserTech TVs announced by Mitsubishi come in huge 65″ and 73″ variants, and for those annying green types out there, use only half the power of traditional TVs.

The downside? Size: they’re over ten inches deep, taking us back to the days of the old analogue CRT tellys. So your TV will look huge in all dimensions, which isn’t necessarily what you want, but at least you’ll be able to say your TV is laser-powered. Actually, that might have sounded cool back in the ’80s, but it seems a bit naff now!

The new Mitsubishi laser TVs will be released this Autumn, giving you plenty of time to save the several thousands of pounds that these things will undoubtedly cost.

[Source: The Gadget Show]


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