Sanyo weathers storm with their new 52in waterproof HD TV

26 June 2008 One Comment admin

Sanyo Waterproof TV
Ah the British “summer”. For those precious few days of the year we Brits spend every waking moment baking ourselves in the sun and enjoying the weather while it lasts. But what to do while you slowly toast…? How about a bit of TV? Unless you have superhuman eyesight and the ears of an elephant, with the TV inside and you outside, your viewing enjoyment might not be what you had hoped for. The only option is to hunt for an extension lead and bring the TV outside to you.
Sanyo Waterproof HD TV hosed

Hang on a second, what if the heavens open and your nice HD TV becomes no more than a sparking fish tank? No problem, cue Sanyo’s 52in waterproof HD TV (apparently you can even spray it with a hose if you so desire).

It doesn’t just stop there; it is also dust-proof (I wish my whole house was dust-proof) and comes with toughened glass that should handle a football being pelted at it. Not only that, but as it is not constantly raining outside the screen has been treated to ensure that its entire 179


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