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Jul 30, 2008

New iPod Touch and iPod Nano

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new iPod Touch

The new iPhone 3G is out of the way, but technology is continually moving forwards so it is not much of a surprise that just as Apple get iPhone out the way, the rumours about new iPods has started. Both the iPod Nano and the iPod Touch are due for an upgrade, whilst there aren’t […]

Jul 29, 2008

Giant inflatable backyard theatre won't let you down

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Cinebox inflatable theatre

Movie nights with friends and family won’t be the same again with Open Air Cinema’s 9’x5′ CineBox Home Backyard Theater System. This product has a real “Wow” factor: wow when you see it erected in your garden; imagine inviting your friends over to watch the game, or a film, and leading them straight through the […]

Jul 28, 2008

Samsung INNOV8 – a true multimedia computer

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Nokia have positioned their high-end mobile phones as multimedia computers, but the rather clunky phrase has never really caught on. Sure, their N-Series phones such as the N95 and new N96 can play and record video and music rather well, but despite the ability to upload media onto Web sites such as Flickr or YouTube, […]

Jul 28, 2008

Griffin Wireless Sound System not quite as high-tech as you'd think

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Griffin Evolve Wireless Sound System

Griffin have released the Griffin Evolve Wireless Sound System, which sounds like it’s a nice piece of high-tech equipment designed to take on other wireless sound systems such as the Philips Streamium range or the Sony Giga Juke. Sadly, its nothing of the sort. What you get instead is a set of speakers and an […]

Jul 28, 2008

World's Slimmest LCD TV by Asus!

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Asus Slim TV

Asus’ new 22″ widescreen LCD is a mere 45mm thick, this feat of engineering has earned the ASUS LS221H the title of “World’s slimmest”. There are plenty of features mentioned other than its thinness but nothing in Asus’ press release was particularly outstanding. Light-in-motion II dynamic lighting effects which works by shining LED up at […]

Jul 24, 2008

Zen Mozaic: art or just plain ugly?

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Zen Mozaic

The new Creative ZEN Mozaic portable media player for video, music and photos has just been released. Its design is based on the awe inspiring mosaic art of ancient Greece, but somehow Creative has missed the point. The new ZEN Mozaic, with its 1.8-inch LCD colour screen, weighs only 43g but comes in 79.5mm x […]

Jul 23, 2008

WHDI – does the world need yet another wireless media standard?

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home full of WHDI-equipped media devices, including HDTVs and MP3 players

I’ve written before about various technologies and standards that have been created to enable seamless sharing of media from one device to another, whether it be between PCs and TVs, MP3 players and HiFis, or any combination of any device. Technologies such as UPnP and its younger brother, DLNA, have all been around for a […]

Jul 23, 2008

Cowon P5 – Bluetooth and Mobile TV in a premium PMP

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Cowon P5 PMP

Cowon have announced the new Cowon P5 Personal Media Player. Actually, “Personal” may be pushing it a bit, as the thing is so huge it comes with its own remote control! Coming with a huge 5″ touchscreen capable of showing 16.7 million colours at an 800 x 480 resolution, the Cowon P5 is aimed well […]

Jul 23, 2008

3D holograms will replace HDTV

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3D hologram

When I saw the second Back to the Future with the holomax and the hologram of the cartoon Jaws attacking people as they went by, I wish that technology was available now! 3D holograms floating in the air always seemed magical when seen in movies like Star Wars but they may be a reality sooner […]

Jul 23, 2008

How to make an iPhone/iPod stand

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iPhone stand

Not all the versions of iPod/iPhone come with their own stand as standard so the industrious users at instructables have come up with several homemade solutions. You could go out and buy a stand from the shops relatively cheaply, but you could make your own for less money and have more fun doing it. There […]