Philips to launch its new player 'GoGear'

1 July 2008 No Comment admin

Philips GoGear

Philips has launched its digital audio & video player ‘GoGear (model:SA5245)’. Apart from looking very nice, its most noticeable feature is FullSound, a digital audio algorithm patented by Philips that refines audio output. FullSound apparently brings out the best of their audio system and delivers more life to the music by performing millions of operations before the sound hits your ears. It would seem that as hardware becomes faster companies are using it to full advatage to manipulate the sound into ritcher tones or make the sound appear to come from different directions as with Creative’s ZEN X-Fi.

If like me you have too many wires in your life and you are looking to reducing them before you have a nasty accident you could splash out on the Bluetooth-enabled model (SA5245BT). Both the GoGear models have a 2.8inch QVGA LCD screen and up to five hours video playtime.

All in all a very nice number and not a bad price either. You can find one of these at Amazon for $122.39 or


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