The all singing, all dancing Sony BRAVIA W4000

3 July 2008 No Comment admin

Sony BRAVIA in korea

The Sony BRAVIA LCD TV W4000 series (catchy name isn’t it), which has just been released in Korea, has more features than you can shake a stick at. Starting with the usual bits and pieces: it has 1080p full HD and uses the BRAVIA Engine 2 which, in their words, “provides the next generation in picture quality”, this basically boils down to enhanced depth, richness and clarity, or in other words, an awesome picture quality.

BRAVIA living room
You think this is just a TV, when you turn it off all you get is 52 inches of blank screen? Wrong, it also doubles as a digital picture frame. There are a lot of picture frames around, even my mum has one, and they come in all sorts of sizes but I have never seen a 52″ digital picture frame before. The Picture Frame Mode in the Sony BRAVIA W4000 switches the set to a reduced brightness and displays digital photos. There are six pre-installed pictures but you can add your own via USB, so if you wished you could have your smiling mug displayed in glorious HD. However this is not a feature that will please people trying to go green as it only uses 10% less power than TV viewing mode, so it is still using 90% of the power.

There are a bunch of technologies working together to make the picture and sound quality simply superb (for full details check out Sony) but one of the neater features is the integrated HDTV tuner and AVC-HD decoder which means you don’t need to buy a separate set-top box to access terrestrial HDTV. This means one less box cluttering up your living room. If you are anything like me you already have several and just as many remotes to go with them. I know you can get universal remotes but I just haven’t got around to it, with this TV however there is no need for that universal remote because the Sony BRAVIA W4000 does it all for you. With the award winning Sony XMB interface you can control your entire device collection through the TV with a single remote.

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