Nextar's speakers float above the rest

4 July 2008 No Comment admin

Floating speakers

Nextar’s Bluetooth floating speakers will play continuously for 4 hours and are ideal for using in your pool, but I am sure there are many more people without pools than there are with (me included), so what use is this gadget to us, we may as well just buy the sentry water proof speakers? Well the Nextar’s speakers aren’t limited to just pools, for example you could stick them in the pond with your gold fish, or (and this is what I want to try) have the speaker floating around in the bubbles in your bath.

The dock is equipped with Bluetooth so you can connect most modern MP3 players, you could even hook up your mobile phone to it.

Floating, waterproof speakers are a good idea but I don’t like the design of these speakers (they remind me of a floating robot head) and at $119 they are not cheap, so I agree with Slash Gear and would go with this cheaper alternative instead.

[Source: Tech Digest, Slash Gear]

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