Sony drops OLED in favour of FED TVs?

8 July 2008 One Comment admin

Sony has announced it will be releasing TVs with yet another next-gen display technology. FED, which stands for field emission display are to go into mass production in late 2009, so you have a bit of time to save up. This is an interesting move for Sony as they have been big supporters of OLED TVs, but it would appear they are now hedging their bets with this joint venture which will see Sony take over a plant run by Pioneer to begin production of televisions using FED technology.

Does this spell the end of Sony’s support for OLED TVs? Stan Glasgow, the president and COO of Sony Electronics, said at a dinner in San Francisco, that there is not much market for OLED TVs because they are small, very expensive and hard to make. So he doesn’t seem to have much faith in OLED TVs. Televisions created using FED technology


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  1. […] have their flaws, one of them being that the blacks come out grey unlike traditional CRT or the new FED screens which produce deep blacks. As you can image grey instead of black, doesn’t do much […]

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