How to create a Wii media center

11 July 2008 2 Comments admin

The Nintendo Wii is very nice to look at and its unique controller system makes it extremely cool to play, but it does lack some features which other consoles have. One of these being an ability to connect directly with other devices on your network and stream photos, videos or music from them. Here is the situation: you have a device which is network enabled and can interact with a TV (your Wii) and you have a device that is also network enabled and has a movie you want to watch, however you have a slight problem, they can’t communicate, so never no chance of watching your movie. Well, that is not entirely true, there are a few things you can do


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  1. Install the homebrew channel and setup player ce to be a media center.

    Note this is the best possible solution for a wii media center as it streams the video as is and does not convert the files to flash.

    You do not need to watch using the wii web browser like all the other current wii media center solutions.

    1. Install The Homebrew Channel and mplayer ce 0.75
    2. Once the Homebrew channel has been installed start it from the wii menu.
    3. Share your video/audio directory on your windoze machine. If using Windows 7 you must disable 128-Bit encryption and turn OFF password protection and add “Guest read/write” permissions.
    4. Edit the smb.conf in SD/APPS/mplayer ce to point to your shared directory eg.

    #Samba share1 (smb1:/)

    *Note if your shared directory has spaces eg “My Media” you need to have the share in smb.conf in quotes eg.

    #Samba share1 (smb1:/)
    share1=”My Media”

    The zeros (0) denote no username or password.

    Make sure the following options are included in smb.conf

    keepalive=0 <—– Keeps connection alive.
    cache=16384 File –> SMB –> SMB Share
    7. Choose your file to stream.

  2. “4. Edit the smb.conf in SD/APPS/mplayer ce to point to your shared directory eg.”

    >>How do I do this? the sd is no longer win formatted so i cant use windows/notepad..


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