Bird Electron launches EZ16YG: peanut shaped portable speakers

13 July 2008 No Comment admin

Bird Electron peanut speakers
The largest peanuts in the world can soon be yours to plug into an mp3 player and listen to stereo quality sound. The Bird Electron EZ16YG are the ultimate portable speakers, not only are they super light: weighs only 25g. They are also only 50mm thick so unlike many other potable speakers which claim to be pocket size, but in fact make you walk like a cowboy if you actually put them in your pocket because they are chunky and have sharp corners, the Bird Electron peanut shaped speakers, with their leather effect finish, will fit nicely into your pocket. They are so small you could even use them as a bookmark if the urge takes you.
The new stereo speakers have two 30mm Driver and costs around 25


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