iPhone 3G, will it blend?

14 July 2008 No Comment admin

I am getting a little tired of all the hype and talk around the iPhone at the moment, so I was going to keep clear of all stories relating to it but I just couldn’t resist this one. I have been a long time fan of Will It Blend?, which demonstrates its awesome blender by showing videos of it in action. They have a “try this at home” section and a “don’t try this at home”. The latest video in the “don’t try this at home” section is them blending a new iPhone 3G. Check out after the cut for more videos.

The people at Will It Blend? take great pleasure in blending the latest gadgets so it will come as no great surprise that in the past they have also blended an iPod and the original iPhone (see video below). I highly recommend checking out their site for some more videos, the one when he blends some lighters is good fun. The guy presenting and blending always looks so pleased with himself.


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