iRecorder: records movies and TV shows direct to you iPod

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The tale tell “i” at the front implies this is another attachment for your iPod. Which it is but it is much more as it is compatible with any USB device which can play Mpeg4s, so don’t be put off by the “i”. This little gizmo’s aim in life is to make yours easier. It won’t be making the tea for you but it does offer an easy way to convert your TV programs and films to Mpeg4 without the need for a computer or iTunes, which means you can watch them on the move. Read on for more information.

Plug the iRecorder into your TV and media device and it will take the movies, TV programs, or whatever you fancy, compress them and stick them on your iPod or other media device. It won’t even complain if you ask it to record day time soaps.
palm iRecorder

The iRecorder enables you to use your iPod, PMP, or other media device as a portable DVD recorder; as the iRecorder is quite small and easily fits in your hand you can take it with you where ever you go. You can even take it around a mates and record stuff off their TV or camcorder, or Sky Digital, in fact you can record off anything that has a RCA jack output. iRecorder does all the compression in real-time, but there is some confusion about the compression rate, in one place it says it can fit a 2 hour movie into 2GB, in another section it says for every 1GB of storage it will get you 3hours of footage. I know which one I would like it to be but I cannot tell you for sure which it is.

One nice little feature is the full video playback which enables you to hook it up to the TV and play the media on the iPod or other device. The iRecorder has an AV out that means you can watch your media on any TV, so if there is a TV handy you don’t need to watch your film on the small screen of your iPod. When playing the media back through a TV you can use the remote control and onscreen menu to control it all.


iRecorder features

Here’s a quick round:

  • size: 11 x 9 x 1.5cm
  • Records and compresses media from your TV, satellite, camcorder, directly to your portable media device
  • Stores recordings in Mpeg4 format
  • Puts recordings directly on any USB device (includes PMP, iPod, USB memory sticks, etc), there is no need for iTunes or a computer to aid the transfer
  • Compatible with iPod Nano 3rd Generation, iPod Classic, Video iPod. It would appear it is not compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch although iRecorder’s site implies it is
  • AV-IN jack so you can plug in any device with a RCA jack output
  • AV-OUT enables you to playback recordings from your device, back on your TV
  • Remote control (batteries included) that enables you to set the timer so you don’t have to be around when it starts recording
  • 2 sets of 3-1 AC cables
  • Scart to AV adapter
  • Female AV to female AV adapter
  • 12 month warranty

The iRecorder currently retails at:


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