Sharp will change your life?

15 July 2008 3 Comments admin

Yesterday, Sharp Electronics Corporation announced it will be doing a large marketing campaign that shows how future focused they are by looking at their past achievements in LCD screens and solar electricity. The marketing strategy revolves around a very large claim… their technology changes your life, I assume for the better although they don’t say. Read on to find out.

There will be three television commercials; two of them have the tagline: “Change your TV, Change your Life”. The other commercial will focus on the greener side of things, again with a tagline which claims a lot: “Change Your Power, Change Your Planet”. This however may not change the planet for the better, the commercials will be focusing on LCD screens which, as we posted last week, use a gas in production that is 17,000 times more harmful than CO2. For some reason they don’t mention this… instead they big up the energy saving you will get from LCD screens. The upside to the “Change Your Planet” campaign is that solar power will also make an appearance, which until proven otherwise is good for our planet.

Alongside the TV commercials they are launching a micro-site: and a supporting Facebook game. The game involves a box which you steal from your friends, and then other people can steal it from you. The idea is to be in possession of the box when it opens so you win the prize inside it.

It is interesting how green has become the new black, it would seem that if you aren’t appearing to save the world, you will be put in the corner with a dunces hat on. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for being environmentally friendly and I actively try and do as much as I can, but with it becoming a marketing ploy, are the “right” things being done or are they only doing things that will make the most noise in the market place? Turns out this actually has a name: Greenwash. LCD screens are a prime example of this; they seemed good on the face of it but it turns out they are actually harmful. They have become so popular, in part, because “energy saving” is easy to market.

[Source: Sharp USA]

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  1. […] how would owning a Sharp television change your life? What would you gain or sacrifice? • Sharp will change your life? “The marketing strategy revolves around a very large claim

  2. Maybe I am taking it too literally.. but the last time I checked, one could not change their life by purchasing a TV. I am sure they will get a very nice TV, but “life changing”.. hardly. I am a little put off by a company who equates life with a television. I understand what they are driving at, but it certainly doesn’t come across as such.

  3. I am with you on this one Matt, marketing is all about making the product look good and get people to buy it, but there is a limit. “Life changing” is maybe one step too far.

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