New touch speakers from Genius

16 July 2008 No Comment admin

Genius SP-T1200 touch speakers

Here are a pair of speakers from Genius that love to be touched; the SP-T1200 touch speakers, which come in a stylish black-onyx finish, have a touch panel that lights up in excitement when you use it.

The touch screen enables you to control the volume, bass and treble with a slide of the finger. In addition to the touch screen features you will also get a jack for headphones, audio cable and a mute button. These speakers are aimed at the potable market so are small and only use 30 watt, therefore don’t be surprised if the sound quality is not as meaty as you would like.

Not sure how the shiny black will cope with all the grubby fingers touching it, but a quick wipe should get it pristine again. The Genius SP-T1200 retails at USD$99, you can find all the resellers here:

[Source: HardwareZone]

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