Brando has their sites set small… but does size matter?

17 July 2008 No Comment admin

The world is in two minds at the moment they want their devices smaller but the screens bigger. As you have probable spotted there is a slight problem, the device needs to be at least as large as the screen. That is unless you have a device with a rollable screen. So that’s the problem with devices which need screens but what about those without screens? How small can they get? Brando seems on a mission to find out. Read on to get more information.

Brando has recently been releasing small device after small device and each time claiming they are the smallest in the world. Here is an overview of some of their devices.

World’s smallest microSD reader

brando microSD reader

The first offering for the smallest in the world is the T-Flash USB Micro Drive Reader that can read and write MicroSD/T-Flash memory cards. Stick a card into this thing and hey presto you now have a mini pen drive. You can put your favourite movie on a MicroSD card and have it with you where ever you go. This little treasure retails for just $14.

Smallest flash drive

smallest flash drive

This supper thin flash drive which measures a mere 3.5 inches long has a quite remarkable capacity of 4 GB. If you don’t need 4GB you could always get a smaller version which is only 512 MB and would only set you back $19 where as the 4GB will cost you $55. With a USB 2.0 flash drive this small I would be afraid of losing it, shame it can’t be attached to my keys.

Tiny USB Bluetooth adapter

Tiny USB Bluetooth

At just 14 x 19 x 6mm and only weighing 2 grams this has got to be the smallest way to get you computer Bluetooth compliant! I really can’t see how you can make it any smaller without making it impossible to use. To get one of these it will only set you back $24. Down side is this only compatible with Bluetooth 1.1 but it does have a range of about 10 meters.

World’s smallest wireless mouse

Brando smallest wireless mouse

This petite mouse is the smallest in the world “probably”, yes that is right they claim it is the smallest but they don’t really know. That aside, this has switchable resolutions and promises 70 hours of continuous use with a range of about 23 feet. That’s all very nice but how usable is it? It looks like it will be quite uncomfortable to use and will just be good for giving you RSI. If you are interested in this mouse it will set you back around $29.



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