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mi Shake

The mi Shake is yet another new touch screen based media player, but this one comes with a difference in its operation and usability due to the Shocktronix motion sensor. Read on to find out more about the mi Shake.

Several PMPs around at the moment (such as the iPod Touch) have accelerometers built in so they can tell which way up the device is and they can alter the picture as needed. They have also been some interesting uses of this technology such as a lightsaber application which when you shake your iPod Touch or iPhone it makes the lightsaber noise and you can pretend you are a Jedi. But the Shocktronix technology in the new mi Shake, takes this even further. In addition to being able to control your player using the touch screen you can simply shake you mi Shake to perform actions such as changing videos, audio tracks, photos or flipping the pages on an e-Book.


There are some other neat features based around the Shocktronix technology. It will count your steps as you walk/ run around listening to your music. If you enjoy DIY like me then you can use your mi Shake as a digital spirit level, not sure I would want my PMP that close to my DIY attempts though, things tend to break. Have you ever been walking down the street and thought, I wish I had my dice with me? Well wish no longer, with the mi Shake you have digital dice with you at all times… Yes, it is sounding very gimmicky but bear with the player because once you get past the shaking it does actually have some very cool features.

Other Features

The player has 4GB of internal memory and a microSD card slot so you can further expand the memory by 2GB. Not sure why it has limited you to and expansion of 2GB but in total that is 6GB which is not bad.

mi Shake has a reasonable 2.4″ TFT touch screen and supports both AVI and MP4 format videos which you can simply drag and drop so instant playback. You can view your pictures, text, E-books and if you are feeling creative you can even create your own art on the built-in canvas (again I think that is a bit gimmicky).
mi Shake menu

As for the audio, Electro BOX, the creators of the mi Shake have not skimped there either. They promise that their advanced miBuds will make you “experience the evolution in audio technology”, OK so that may be over the top but they are high quality and should offer crisp, clear sound. The mi Shake doesn’t seem to offer any audio improvement settings like the Creative Zen X-Fi with its X-Fi Crystalizer, and X-Fi Expand. But it does have built-in speakers and an FM radio. It also has a Dictaphone so you can record your own sounds.

Although the shake feature is the main selling point I am not sure how well it will work, for example, will it keep changing tracks as you jog along because it is shaking with you? Is there a way to turn Shocktronix off, or set the sensitivity? We would live to get our hands on one to test it out. The mi Shock is available for

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