Viliv release X70 series: 7-inch PMP

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Villiv PMP X70 series

The 7-inch WVGA TFT-LCD screened monster has been released in the Korea market. The Viliv X70 series of media players come in a four flavours. All have the 7″ screen with 800×480 resolution and a detachable battery that will last for 9.5 hours of continuous play.

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Viliv X70 Vant and X70 Vant Shine

Viliv X70 Vant

The one pictured above is the X70 VANT which comes with 60GB. The X70 VANT SINE on the other hand only comes with 8GB. Both models have Wi-Fi, so are capable of surfing the Internet wirelessly. They have a web browser called “Fast Web” which will reduce the size of a webpage to fit the X70’s screen before showing it to you. Viliv claims the web pages are opened very quickly and you should not notice any delay due to the processing involved in the page resizing. The X70 Vant and Vant Shine also include an integrated GPS receiver, TPEG traffic receiver, AV-IN port.

Viliv X70 Vant Express and the X70 Vant Study

The X70 Vant Express comes with 60GB and the X70 Vant Study is shipped with 30GB or 60GB so both models have decently sized hard drives for all your files. These models don’t have GPS but the X70 express does have Wi-Fi and both models support DIP (Dictionary In the Picture).

Other features that all four models have include: digital TV receiver, TV-Out, PDF/image viewer, PIMS (personal information management system), T-DMB, and 256MB memory (which is very good compared to many other potable media devices which have 120MB memory). For more of the specs and more pictures check out the AVING website, warning it is a translation.

[Source: AVING]


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