RAL-AMP01 – The wireless audio amplifier for your PC you never thought you needed

21 July 2008 No Comment Mike Evans

Ratoc Systems RAL-AMP01 wireless audio amplifier
Wireless stereo systems don’t come much more convenient than the new Ratoc Systems RAL-AMP01. Measuring just 138 x180 x 125mm, the RAL-AMP01 is designed to connect wirelessly to your PC and play your tunes through its Hi-Fi quallity amp.

You no longer need to rely on your PC’s crappy speakers, which generally sound like they’re made from old baked bean tins connected to your PC via string, or put up with the forest of wiring that a pair of speakers add to your PC system. Instead, just plugin the RAL-AMP01’s USB stick (which comes with the system), switch the amp on, sit back and relax!

More details of the Ratoc Systems RAL-AMP01 after the jump.

The amp itself isn’t exactly powerful – it only pumps out 10W per channel at 8 Ohms – but it does have a frequency response of 20Hz – 20KHz, which although not amazing is respectable enough, and you also get a standard RCA input/ouput, speaker output port and a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.

The interesting thing about the RAL-AMP01 is that it really is just a wireless amplifier. There’s no way to control it (indeed, other than volume, there’s nothing to control!), no remote control, no way to edit your playlists or select your songs. All of this you must do from your PC. All the RAL-AMP01 does is enable you to listen to the tunes coming from your PC, rather than control the playing of them.

Is this a problem? Well it depends what you want to use it for. Its main competitor will probably be the Logitech Squeezebox, which connects to your existing Hi-Fi and lets you stream your music to it from your PC. You can also control your music and playlists with the Squeezebox’s remote control, so the Squeezebox can be in a completely different room from the PC.

With the RAL-AMP01, though, it pretty much needs to be in the same room as your PC, unless you’re happy with the playlist your PC is currently playing. As such, it’s probably best for home office environments in which you have limited room, don’t want the annoyance of extra wiring that PC speakers always bring, and want a better sound than your average PC speaker. Equally, because it comes with its own amplifier, you don’t need a Hi-Fi to plug it into, so again it makes sense in a home office environment (you will, of course, need to hook it up to some speakers, but at least these can be away from the PC)

The RAL-AMP01 costs 240 Euros and should be available soon.

[Source: Akihabara news]


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