BBC iPlayer confuses Virgin

22 July 2008 No Comment admin

Virgin and BBC iPlayer

I want to start by giving BBC a round of applaud, they have created a controversial but amazing piece of technology with their iPlayer which enables you to access BBC television programs up to 7 days after the air date. You can watch programs on-line by streaming the video content or you can download and watch later. The iPlayer has been a huge success and as such they have had a lot of data streamed/ downloaded from the website. This has angered the ISP’s who claim the BBC are responsible for the upsurge in bandwidth usage; let’s just forget all about YouTube, no one watches anything on there! Virgin media were one of the leading ISP’s demanding the BBC pay for infrastructure upgrades but have they had a change of mind?

The BBC iPlayer has been extremely successful on the PC, the BBC have done a great job of linking it in with all their sites. The picture quality is excellent and the speeds are superb, so are there any problems? Well not really, I can’t fault the BBC iPlayer except that it has been purely on the internet and as such mainly aimed at the PC. There are ways of getting it on the television, such as using a Nintendo Wii or other devices which can access the Internet and connect to the TV. However, this all changed in June when Virgin Media’s TV service started offering the iPlayer.

As you can probably guess the BBC iPlayer offered on Virgin Media’s TV service has been welcomed with open arms. With 10.5 million views in the first month I think you can safely say the launch has not been a flop. What does this mean to the relationship between Virgin Media and the BBC? As I said, a couple of weeks ago Virgin Media were leading the mob of ISPs with pitchforks and touches right to the BBC’s door, demanding the BBC pay for upgrades to the infrastructure.


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