How to improve your HDTV's picture quality

22 July 2008 One Comment admin

Your HDTV is meant to have an amazing image quality but the chances are it is not as good as it could be. Unless you have calibrated your HDTV it will not be performing to the best of its potential. You could shell out a few hundred to get a professional to do it for you, but why do that when it is quite easy to do it yourself…

You will still need to shell out a few bucks but that is nothing compared to the joy of watching films and television programs the way they were meant to be. An article from PC World has the low down on what you will need and how to use it. If done right the configuration of your HDTV will take you some time and if you use a wizard to help you it will cost you about $30.

As you know HDTV have lots of settings, some are quite straight forward but to do a good job of calibrating, it is important you have a good grasp of these settings and how they will affect the HDTV’s image. Again PC World comes to the rescue and explains all you need to know, with some useful tips.

The article from PC World takes you through all the steps, includes some reviews of supporting software and links to more detailed information. They even have a video of so if you are in a lazy mood you don’t need to build up the energy to read, although when going through the process of configuring your HDTV I would recommend using the written article rather than the video.

Manually configuring you HDTV is quite straight forward and you should get good results but it can be time consuming and if you have already paid a whole lot of money for a TV with the best picture quality because you really want, the best picture you can possibly get. You should consider paying a professional to do the configuration, they know a lot more about all the settings and technology, and they also have better software to aid them.

[Source: PCWorld]

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  1. […] but personally I would turn this off and manually set my TV for different lighting conditions, see this article for improving your HDT’s picture. An even better option if you have the spare cash is to get a professional to do the work for you. […]

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