3D holograms will replace HDTV

23 July 2008 One Comment admin

3D hologram

When I saw the second Back to the Future with the holomax and the hologram of the cartoon Jaws attacking people as they went by, I wish that technology was available now! 3D holograms floating in the air always seemed magical when seen in movies like Star Wars but they may be a reality sooner than thought.

Scientists have been messing with lasers for years, trying to get a step closer to that elusive moving 3D floating hologram. Last month, a team of researchers at the University of Arizona proved that bouncing laser light around to create 3D images is not a dead end field. The critical breakthrough could bring full-sized 3D holograms into your sitting room. Read on for more information.

The breakthrough enables holograms to be rewritable for the first time. This means the 3D image can be refreshed many times a second, which is vital for creating a 3D movie. As you know, to create the illusion of a moving picture several individual images all slightly different to each over are displayed in quick succession. This tricks the brain into thinking the image is actually moving.

To do this for holographic images Nasser Peyghambarian, chairman of photonics and lasers at Arizona University said the holographic video would require the image to be rewritten at 50 times per second. Unfortunately the current technology only rewrites at about one image per minute so there is a little way to go before it replaces your HDTV but it is one step closer.

Watching a holographic video with current technology would be similar to watching video which comes back from old web cams over the internet, interesting but slow.

[Source: nj.com via Gizmodo]

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