Cowon P5 – Bluetooth and Mobile TV in a premium PMP

23 July 2008 No Comment Mike Evans

Cowon P5 PMP
Cowon have announced the new Cowon P5 Personal Media Player. Actually, “Personal” may be pushing it a bit, as the thing is so huge it comes with its own remote control! Coming with a huge 5″ touchscreen capable of showing 16.7 million colours at an 800 x 480 resolution, the Cowon P5 is aimed well and truly at the premium end of PMPs. In fact, the P5 is so well specced, it can almost be called a PC!

More details and pics of the Cowon P5 PMP after the jump.

Cowon P5 PMP overview

Cowon P5 Personal  Media Player, showing user interface
The first thing you note about the Cowon P5 is its huge size. Five inches is not a small screen, and we can be thankful that the P5 comes with a touchscreen rather than buttons to control it, as this at least keeps the size of the overall unit down to something just slightly bigger than the size of the display. That said, at 138.8 x 88.5 x 20.0mm, and weighing in at 380g, it’s not exactly in the lightweight class!

The second thing you note about it is its looks. With a “luxury hairline metal” look (or “brushed aluminium” as we call it!), it looks a step up from your average plasticy PMP.

Fortunately its size is due entirely to its long list of features, the most impressive of which are as follows:

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