How to make an iPhone/iPod stand

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iPhone stand

Not all the versions of iPod/iPhone come with their own stand as standard so the industrious users at instructables have come up with several homemade solutions. You could go out and buy a stand from the shops relatively cheaply, but you could make your own for less money and have more fun doing it. There are several options for making your own stand; you could make one that fits in your wallet or you could make a car stand for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Read on to find out more.

iPhone/iPod stand from a business card

iPhone stand from business card
iPhone stand from business card

This is a very neat idea, all you need is a business card (or simply some card), scissors and a ruler. Cut the two lines marked, and then fold the card where the other lines are and you have a stand for your iPod of iPhone. This little stand will fit back in your wallet when you are done so it is very portable. It may be slightly gimmicky but you could use it as your business card and pass out iPhone stand cards to all the people you meet so they will always have your number to hand.

iPhone/iPod stand from document clips

iPhone stand from document clips
iPhone stand from document clips

This one doesn’t come with any instructions except the image above. It is quite straight forward, you will need 2 large bulldog clips, 2 small bulldog clips and 3 thingies to clip the two small bulldog clips together.

Not quite small enough to fit in a wallet but will easily fit in a pocket, you could even dismantle it to make it easier.

iPhone/ iPod Touch car stand doc

iPhone car doc

This stand for an iPhone or iPod Touch is made from items you can find in your home, except for maybe Velcro which you might have to buy. The person on instructables cleverly uses the plastic base which came in the box with your iPhone/iPod, as the main stand.


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