Giant inflatable backyard theatre won't let you down

29 July 2008 No Comment admin

Cinebox inflatable theatre

Movie nights with friends and family won’t be the same again with Open Air Cinema’s 9’x5′ CineBox Home Backyard Theater System. This product has a real “Wow” factor: wow when you see it erected in your garden; imagine inviting your friends over to watch the game, or a film, and leading them straight through the house, past the TV, and out into the backyard were you have this 9 foot monster of a screen ready and waiting. You are also going to say wow when you hear its price which is very reasonable.

The 9 foot screen can be packed in a duffle bag when it is deflated and weighs just 8lbs (3.6kg) which makes it real easy to move around and store. Using the quiet air blower you can inflate the puncture-proof screen in a couple of minutes.

As I mentioned before the CineBox system from Open Air Cinema comes at a reasonable price and they have even given you options to choose from. If you just want the 9 foot inflatable screen you can snap it up at just USD$399. Which is fine if you have a projector hanging around, for all those without a projector, DVD player and powered speakers CineBox systems provide a package which will include all these with the screen and inflation pump starting at USD$1,500.
CineBox System sizes

The CineBox system is a fair bit cheaper than getting a waterproof HDTV like the Sanyo

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